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Hello there! It’s Eliz again! Nice to have you here. Feel free to check out the links on this post.

I am not sponsored to recommend them lol. They are purely selected from the pool of millions of websites on the internet!

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I have been reading up about step by step affiliate marketing a lot lately and I thought to share some of the easy to follow guides I found with you.

I believe if you are one of those that want to make money via affiliate marketing will find this post useful especially if you are a beginner.

Below are the best ones I found so far and I will update as I find more guides that I feel are relevant.

Here we go:

Number 1.

I feel the website above explains the idea of affiliate marketing a bit. I must say that the website is a bit new as at the time of writing, so there isn’t a lot of posts on the website specifically addressing the issue of affiliate marketing without too much oversell.

I believe as time goes on and the blog owner writes more, then there will be more useful content for readers to really get their teeth into.

Number 2.

This next link really just deals with how to get that crucial first affiliate sale! Oh phew!

Number 3.

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step: 3 Blog Posts That Teach You How

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