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This list has been a long time coming. I hope you are able to find something you can do to make some extra cash as soon as possible. I am also threading on this journey. So, let’s get right into it.

The truth is that I am not going to go into listing every possible form of side hustles out there. There are people who have done all that. Thankfully! Lool. What I am going to do is to curate them. Yay!

How does that sound? Cool, isn’t it? It means you don’t have to go searching everywhere, once you have found this wonderful blog post of mine! Lool just joking. But, I like to think my blog is wonderful.

The list of side hustle ideas is not exhaustive and it will continue to grow as time goes by. Some ideas may be repeated, due to different writers writing them up but I will try to bring as much variety as possible.

Another thing is that this list will sort of take the form of an online course/guide. What I mean is that I will try to include everything that pertains to the business of side hustling.

So it will be more like a free SIDE HUSTLE COURSE all sourced from already available information online.

What Is A Side Hustle?

Simple meaning of a side hustle | In-depth meaning of a side hustle.

What Are The Basic Types of Side Hustles?

Here you will learn the broad types of side hustles with clear examples of each type so you can make a decision |

Lists of Side Hustles You Can Start Anytime.

General Side Hustle Ideas
  • 99 Side Hustle Ideas (My favorite list for now. Why? Less clutter and sort of straight to the point without so much selling).
Unique Side Hustle Ideas
  1. Get paid to invent on I must say it is a very interesting concept for people to suggest ideas and if viable it is taken further.
  2. Register at CrowdMed as a patient to help solve medical cases. Oh, dear. I never knew such side hustles existed.
  3. Check out this 15+ unique side hustle ideas written up by Fo Alexander. There were some interesting ideas such as selling videos to media companies etc.

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